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&& About

Welcome to Flavor Graphics, one of the hottest graphic communities around. Flavor Graphics was created on January 29th, 2005. It is owned & maintained by Heather and is co-maintained by Kaleigh. This community is members only, so in order to see the entries you have to join by clicking 'join community' at the top of this page. Before you join, please read the rules.
&& The Rules

1) In order to join flavor_graphics, you must put one of its buttons in your userinfo. You can find the buttons in the community userinfo. If you don't, you won't be able to join this community until you do.
2) ABSOLUTELY NO STEALING! The makers took time out of their own schedule to make these graphics for you to use on your livejournal, so you MUST CREDIT them when you take one of their graphics. If I found out that a member is not crediting for a graphic, they will be banned. It's not hard to credit. For example, if you use a header, just put "credit to (person who made it) for my header!" in your userinfo. To credit icons, just put "credit to (person who made it) in the keyword.
3) Comment everytime you take a graphic. We need to know exactly what you're taking so we know you're not stealing.
4) No direct linking. Everytime you use a graphic, save it to your computer and upload it to your own server.
5) Don't be rude to any of the makers. They were happy to make you graphics, so don't be rude.
6) Please promote us! =)

Theres only 6 rules you have to follow, so please don't break any of them. If you follow all these rules, you will LOVE this community. Everyone here is extremely nice!

To tell us if you promoted us anywhere or got a member to join, tell us here!

The following users have posting access to flavor_graphics:

[//]_crossmyheartx3 ~ Heather
[//]x_glamour_x ~ Kaleigh
[//]_babiixd0ll ~ Irene
[//]tulips ~ Ashley
[//]x0_kelly_0x ~ Kelly
[//]_cursedparadise ~ Bri
[//]fatexsucks ~ Steph
[//]crashx ~ Jenny
[//]inthisskin1026 ~ Joni
[//]error_occured ~ Adwin
[//]letsgossip ~ Milly
[//]kitsonangel ~ Dana
[//]_star_icons ~ Brianna

If you are interested in becoming a poster, email Heather at heathafeatha1371@yahoo.com with 10 examples of your work! We are always looking for new makers!

&& Link Us

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use the following code to put it in ur info:

<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/flavor_graphics"><img src="URL OF BUTTON"/></a>

&& Affiliates

The Affiliates are currently listed on the sidebar of the community layout. Comment here if you want to become affiliates with Flavor Graphics!